Why Electronics Require DC Power Supply

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Why Electronics Require DC Power Supply
A power supply is necessary to provide energy to the circuit so that it can function. AC flips polarity very often. And thus, most semiconductor devices have been designed with very particular polarity conditions in mind. If one were to reverse the polarity between two inputs on many different components, you would get magic smoke coming out of it.

Why a DC Power Supply as Power Source?

This is because the basic elements of the circuit in an electronic circuit require to be biased to properly function. They should be present within a certain range voltage in order to function. In a fluctuating voltage environment like AC, it is not possible to remain in this range of voltage and so proper operation of the circuit will not be possible. So a fixed DC level voltage is required. A DC power supply will provide a constant biasing voltage or current for the function of the components or circuits irrespective of the signals and inputs. This can’t be achieved through AC power as it oscillates the biasing voltage for the circuit or components.
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